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BlabArt is short for Blog about Art

This is a blog about my artwork, ideas and my thoughts about art.

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Project with Maja

Work Posted on Wed, November 03, 2010 17:29:25

Along with the other projects Maja and I decided to do a project together. First I make a painting, then she will paint something on top of it. I have completed my part of the first painting. It’s really a complete painting in itself, but I believe Maja will add something to it that will make it even better.

Here is my part:

As a comment is can be said that the background is really pale blue.


A little update

Work Posted on Wed, November 03, 2010 17:24:20

This Monday I made a little progress on the Maja Skywalker painting. I have also started a more abstract painting that I was inspired to do at Ærø. I wasn’t sure of the colours back then, but now I picked green and yellow as the most important colours.

Have a look:

I hope you enjoyed smiley