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BlabArt is short for Blog about Art

This is a blog about my artwork, ideas and my thoughts about art.

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Green tetragons

Work Posted on Wed, June 05, 2013 12:08:10

My experiment with green tetragons on a green background. This time the background has more structure and form an abstract composition in itself.

Here it is:

Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoyed smiley

Yellow tetragons

Work Posted on Sat, March 23, 2013 14:31:52

I keep experimenting with tetragons and in this painting all the tetragons contains yellow. I believe that I learnt form this painting that due to the texture of the tetragons, I was not able to make very many tetragons.

The picture:

Thanks for looking smiley

Blue tetragons

Work Posted on Tue, January 22, 2013 17:45:13

A painting I completed in January 2013: Blue tetragons.

All the figures in the painting are tetragons and all but the white tetragons contain some blue paint.

Here it is:

The painting is 60×60 cm and is oil on canvas.

Ludo piece

Work Posted on Tue, January 22, 2013 17:32:21

A new painting I completed late last year: Ludo piece.

This painting is inspired by a Danish film called Den eneste ene. In English: The one and only. In this film one of the actors says to another actor: If you were a ludo piece, then you would be back at start. This was said at a point in the film where things didn’t turn out well.

Now guess what happened to this ludo piece…

The painting is 60×60 cm and is oil on canvas.

Greenflies post mortem…

Work Posted on Sat, April 21, 2012 11:23:04

Another painting completed. This one titled: Greenflies post mortem. The title expresses that the ladybird lives on greenflies.



Work Posted on Thu, January 19, 2012 19:48:14

A picture I completed last year and I haven’t got around to upload yet: Face/Maze. Originally I was painting this ball in a maze. Then I discovered the face in the picture. I do admit that the face is rather abstract. Have a look at it.


Snowdrop ;-) completed

Work Posted on Sat, November 26, 2011 14:24:26

Last week I completed my painting of the crocus. I am going to name it: “Snowdrop ;-)”. I know I haven’t been posting pictures lately. This is because I am not using a camera phone at the moment, so I can’t take any pictures, while I work.

Here it is:

With this painting I was trying what I could do with colours. I really enjoyed making this painting and I am quite happy with it. I believe this shows in the painting itself.

Back in class

Work Posted on Sun, October 09, 2011 17:15:31

After enjoying having the summer off, I am back in art class. I am not bringing a camera PT, so I can’t show the work I am doing. The teacher recommended that I practise my drawing, so I am following the lectures in drawing.

Furthermore I am working on my flower project and I have started a new painting that may be an addition to the action/reaction paintings.

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